10 Unreleased Songs That Could End Up On Luke Combs’ Upcoming Deluxe Album

Luke Combs with a beard and a man in a hat


Luke, the Man of the People, Combs is gearing up to release another deluxe album, this time for his What You See Is What You Get record.

Titled What You See Ain’t Always What You Get, the deluxe version will feature the complete album plus 5 new songs. Which has everybody wondering…. what songs?

Luke has never been shy about sharing new music and I think that’s a huge part of why his fans love. He’s just a regular guy, a talented as fuck guy, but a regular guy that takes care of his fans like he would a friend.

That being said, let’s take a look at all the possibilities for the new songs… there’s A LOT of them. I’m sure he has even performed a few more that could’ve made this list, but here’s 10 that have a solid chance.

“Used To Wish I Was”

My personal favorite.

“Without You”

“Tomorrow Me”

“When It’s Raining”

“Cold As You”

“Family Tree”

“Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman cover)

“Love You Anyway”

“South On Ya”

Which has mysteriously disappeared from the interwebs…

Very suspicious.

New Song

There’s definitely a good chance we’ll have something brand new on there too. Maybe even a couple new ones.

My guess?

“Used To Wish I Was,” “South On Ya,” “Fast Car,” “Cold As You” and “Without You” are the strongest contenders as far as songs that he’s already performed, but I still think we’ll hear something new as well.

Wouldn’t be mad at a Stapleton cover either…

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