Nashville’s Iconic BNA Airport Carpet Is Finally Being Removed & The New Carpet Isn’t Much Better

A close-up of a rug

The end of an era…

Construction has finally begun to remove the butt-ugly, yet highly revered, brown carpet at Nashville’s BNA International Airport.

“The new carpet is something we had designers pull together that reflects all the colors of Tennessee from the central region to the east and west sides,” said BNA President Doug Kreulen. “It will take a little while for people to get over it. But when you look at the new floors and new carpet compared to the old carpet, it’s like night and day. To me, it’s beautiful.”

The floor is primarily going to be replaced with terrazzo flooring that is much easier to maintain, however a new carpet design will also be installed in some portions of the airport.

The remodel is part of $1.2 billion dollar project to upgrade, expand and renovate the airport.

The new carpet? Equally as hideous.

So by “reflects all the colors of Tennessee from the central region to the east and west sides,” you mean a patch of dirt that a dog pissed in? Because that’s what I’m getting from this black and yellow pattern right here…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A sad day indeed, but there is good news:

You can purchase a BNA doormat made from scraps of the old carpet. You know, if you really want to…

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A beer bottle on a dock