Lady Gaga Floors Bradley Cooper & The Whole Room Rehearsing “Shallow” For ‘A Star Is Born’

How good was A Star Is Born?

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott, music with Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell, and others… just an all-star collection of talent all the way around.

Of course, before the project even came to life, the entire cast gets together, along with other important people involved in making the movie, to do this little thing called a read through (or table read) where they basically run through the entire movie for the first time to get a taste of how it sounds off the page. They then make any necessary adjustments to the script, switch up some lines, change the approach, cut out the boring shit, etc…  before they begin filming.

Anyways, during the table read for A Star Is Born, you have the whole speaking cast there, like 50 something people in the room and Gaga belts out “Shallow,” completely a capella, dropping everybody’s jaw right through the table. Figuratively, not literally…

Just look at the way Brad is looking at her, and that sheepish smile at the end, the shoulder rub… that’s the picture of man (making his directorial debut) who is inspired. Not to mention a round of applause from the entire room.

Pretty damn cool.

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