Eric Church Tops Billboard List Of 2019’s Highest Earning Country Artists

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Eric Church is raking in some serious cash.

According to Billboard’s annual Money Makers report, which ranks the earnings of the top 40 music acts based on 2019 U.S. concert grosses and recording royalties generated in the same period from domestic sales, streaming and publishing, Eric Church is leading all of country music with a whopping $25.85 million dollars generated solely on music.

This lsit doesn’t take into account things like brand deals, TV shows like American Idol (looking at you Luke Bryan), public appearances, merchandise sales and all of the other ways in which artists make their money.

In addition to Eric Church, who came in at No. 11, 7 other country singers made the top 40.

11. Eric Church – $25.85M

17. George Strait – $21.3M

21. Florida Georgia Line – $20.89M

30. Carrie Underwood – $17.5M

33. Zac Brown – $17.1M

34. Luke Combs – $17.05M

35. Thomas Rhett – $16.7M

37. Jason Aldean – $16.3M

I mean if you, saw Eric’s Double Down Tour last year, you know exactly how it made him nearly $23 million alone last year.

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