Chris Stapleton To Release New Single “Starting Over” THIS WEEK

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I’m not going to say that we made this happen, but did we make this happen?

All I’m saying is that we write an article saying “Starting Over” better be on the new album and less than a week later, Chris hits us with an INSANE teaser video for the new record and announced “Starting Over” as the lead single. You’re welcome world.

Anyways, in case you missed it, Chris lit a fire under the country music world’s ass with yesterday’s announcement of his upcoming studio album on November 13th of this year.

Check it out below.


And now, Chris has confirmed that we’re getting our first taste of the new record with “Starting Over,” which will be out this Thursday at noon, 11am CT.

Chris has performed “Starting Over” a number of times prior to quarantine shutting the entire music world down this year, and every time, it’s seem to garner one helluva response from the fans.

Between Evan Felker getting sober and healthy, McDonald’s launching spicy McNuggs and now Chris Stapleton dropping new music, things are finally looking up this year… then again, there’s still plenty of time to plunge 2020 deeper into the pits of hell.

But at least we’ll have some new Chris Stapleton to listen to while we do…

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