Cody Jinks’ “Loud & Heavy” Is The Ultimate MLB Walk Up Song

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Baseball is BACK.

We’re already nearly halfway through the season, which sounds utterly insane to even think about, but the thought of having summer without a season at all…even worse.

Which brings me to this: walk up music.

There are all kind of approaches when it comes to MLB walk up music.

You generally want something that’s going to pump you up, but some guys opt for something that calms them down, and some (lookin’ at you “Baby Shark”) just like to get a good laugh.

Me, I’m all about the energy.

Give me something hard-charging with a bit of grit and growl to it. Give me something that sounds mean, something instills fear in the hearts of the opponent. Give something that screams “I’m going to beat that baseball within an inch of its life.”

Give me “Loud And Heavy” by Cody Jinks… Every. Single. Time.

Not to mention pros like Matt Carpenter, Alex Bregman, Joey Bart, Chris Martin and more have all used it.

And who could forget this scene?

This corn fed hoss is literally fighting police officers on the side of the stage while this song cranks. He even shakes off one of the taser attempts before they can bring him down.

If that doesn’t say I’m ready to go out here and smash baseballs into another galaxy, I don’t know what does.

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