California Man Saves His Home and Shop From The Wildfires By Using BUD LIGHT

Props to this fella for thinking quickly to save his home and shop.

The California wildfires are raging right now, bringing with them tons of devastation across the state. People are pulling out all the stops to save their homes and businesses which brings us to this beer drinking gentleman, Chad Little.

From KCRA:

A Vacaville man turned to the only thing he had to put out the flames burning his shop: cans of Bud Light. The LNU Lightning Complex was burning toward Chad Little’s house early Wednesday morning. As his family packed up, Little made the call to stay and protect the house. With the water shut off, Little turned to the only liquid he had on hand – beer.

One of the only times wasting beer actually makes sense.

“My buddy’s always teasing me about drinking water beer,  but I say ‘hey, it saved my shop.'”

I think Anheuser-Busch needs to send this guy a couple 20 dozen 24 packs ASAP. Here’s the full story.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock