David Blaine Went On Joe Rogan, Had Him Stick An Ice Pick Through His Arm, Also Regurgitated A Live Frog


David Blaine stopped by the Joe Rogan Experience to talk about his craziest stunts, and even do some “tricks” while in the studio.

Not sure if you’re supposed to call these “magic tricks” or just “crazy shit” but I know Joe was looking pretty tripped out when it came to Blaine’s famous ice pick stunt. The stunt is pretty simple…shove an ice pick through his bicep.

This one made me squirm.

He also swallowed a live frog, and regurgitated it..

Yes, the little guy came out still alive which probably makes PETA no less pissed off.

“We laughed! We cried! He swallowed a frog and spit it out alive in my hand minutes later! I shoved an ice pick through his arm (his idea) – an epic podcast! @davidblaine”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock