Cody Johnson’s “Ain’t Nothin’ To It” Is Insanely Underrated

Pay attention fellas…

Ever since the release of Cody’s major label debut album, Ain’t Nothin’ To It, back in early 2019, I’ve always thought the title track was one of the strongest on the record.

The lead single “On My Way To You,” kicked things off with a bang, nearly cracking the the top 10 on the Billboard charts and then his follow up single, “Nothin’ On You,” was one of country music’s steamiest in recent memory. It might not have done what they wanted to on the charts, but babies were made to that song… no doubt about it.

And now, Cody is sending the heartfelt, country as fuck, “Dear Rodeo” to country radio as his third single from the record. And from the second it gets played it will easily be one of the best things on all of country radio.

And while the entire record is phenomenal, I keep coming back to “Ain’t Nothin’ To It.”Written by David Lee and Leslie Satcher, it’s one of the most underrated songs I’ve heard in quite a while.

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A beer bottle on a dock