Texas Brewery Unveils 8% ABV Dunkaroos-Flavored “Dunkabroos” Beer

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Summer is down the crapper, bring on the fall.

I want sweatshirts and bonfires, I want football (the SEC just dropped their schedule today), I want strong, heavy beers, and I want this damn Coronavirus to get the hell outta dodge.

Yep, life was sure a lot a simple before Coronavirus ruined everything. You know back when you were watching cartoons and chowing down on a pack of Dunkaroos.

And the good news is that you can feel like a kid again AND get drunk thanks to the good people at Martin House Brewing (makers of Best Made Sour Pickle Beer).

Their new limited-edition “Dunkabroos” beer is HERE and it’s bringing all the nostalgia you can handle.

“Dunkabroos 8% – Ale brewed with Cookies, Vanilla Cream, Lactose, and Sprinkles. We actually did it! This beer is nostalgia in a can. It wasn’t easy tracking down all these tasty treats for “research” but we were able to find a few. The flavors have been replicated perfectly. It’s a sweet, cookie filled brew that even has that frosting finish.”

Dunkaroos AND 8% alcohol? Say no more…

I need it. I need it bad.

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Here’s a peek at the dunky boi. #dunkabroos

A post shared by Martin House Brewing Co. (@martinhousebrewing) on Aug 12, 2020 at 11:55am PDT

They also just launched a Thin Mint Stout brew and are working on a Warheads sour beer.

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A beer bottle on a dock