Luke Combs Blew The Roof Off With “Can I Get An Outlaw” Performance Way Back In 2014

When Luke sat down on this stool in Evans, Georgia, do you think he knew he he’d be the biggest thing in country music six years later?

Probably not, huh?

“Can I Get An Outlaw” was the first song that hooked me on Luke Combs, while I don’t remember specifically when it happened, it might’ve have even been this performance.

“Cause we don’t need another pretty boy, singin’ pretty songs
Fake country boys, doin’ country all wrong
Need another Haggard, or a Johnny Cash
Somebody chewing tobacco, and whipping ass
I need preacher, I need a savior, How about y’all?
Can I get an outlaw?”

The emergence of artists like Tyler Childers and Cody Jinks have given us some hope for the state of country music, and with artists like Luke himself, Jon Pardi, and Ashley McBryde, we’re even seeing the pendulum swing back towards traditional country music in the mainstream.

But still, most of the time when you flip on the radio these days, even some six years later, you’re still thinking to yourself…

“Can I get an outlaw?”

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