These Cubicle Patio Things Might Be The Future Of Concerts For Fans

A crowd of people at a festival

Look, we all know how much of a dumpster fire this year has been.

A nightmare for many people, in many different ways, this year has tested everyone in more ways than one.

When it comes to live music and the ripple effect not having it causes because of Covid-19, it’s time to start figuring out what the plan is going to be to get asses in seats (safely), so artists can do what they do best.

Granger Smith showed us one possibility earlier this summer when he played a minor league baseball stadium. But let’s be honest, you’re having to depend on people sitting in a circle placed on the ground. People get sauced, start falling over the lines. Lines get blurred. And next thing you know a bunch of drunk 21-year-olds are hip checking each other to get as close as possible to the stage.

One simple fix to that might be actually creating a little area for each group of fans. A quick makeshift cubicle or patio kind of thing. It has railings, and space for a small group, and will almost certainly do a better job of keeping people in their “area” compared to a circle on the ground.

If you’re in a relationship or over the age of 26, this sort of looks awesome. How does it not? If you never liked big crowds or having to squeeze past smelly sweaty people at outdoor concerts, this fixes a lot of that. You get your space, nobody comes close, you feel more secure in your “spot” and don’t have to worry about keeping the distance. AND, it looks like you could get some good drinking done in there – you’d have the beer vendors or robots making the rounds up and down the rows keeping the folks intoxicated all show long.

It’s definitely not the worst thing…

It also appears these cubicles get taller the farther back you go, so stage view won’t be a problem.

The video below will show the setup in action in the UK…

Not too shabby.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock