California Police Officer Rushes To Pull Man In Wheelchair Off Train Tracks – Narrowly Saves His Life

Man, it’s too early in the morning for this kind of anxiety.

According to Lodi News, Officer Erika Urrea was approaching the train tracks in her police cruiser when she saw a 66-year-old man in a wheelchair stuck on the tracks.

She parked the car, sprinted towards the man, and with a fraction of a second to spare, pulled him off the tracks before the oncoming train could end his life. The train still struck the man’s legs, rendering him with a pretty severe injury, however he is currently recovering in the hospital in critical but stable condition.

“Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another, and her actions prevented a tragedy today,” the department said. “We are extremely proud of Officer Urrea and her heroism.”

Blood pressure just went through the roof watching that. You how hard it is to act quickly and efficiently when you’re adrenaline is spiking like that? I can’t even get my keys in the door when I’m getting home and have to pee, let alone would have the wherewithal to spot the man, figure out what’s going on, sprint over and drag him off the tracks before this train barreling down the tracks inevitable ends his life.

What an absolute hero in every sense of the word.

And just two weeks ago, Officer Urrea performed CPR on an elderly man who was struck by a bus on a bicycle. She was able to sustain him intl paramedics arrived.

Just casually out here saving lives every other week. Officer Urrea is a hero, a badass, and thanks to her, this man is alive and breathing right now.

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