There’s A Dr. Pepper Shortage And People Are Losing It

A can of beer

Look, I’ll start by saying this…I’m not a big Dr. Pepper guy.

Wes on the other hand claims it’s the best pop/soda to have during a hangover meal. I get it, it’s good. Fine.

For a lot of people, it’s more than good. People seem to drink Dr. Pepper by the gallon per quarter day in some parts of the country. Now, these people are losing their shit because there’s a serious Dr. Pepper shortage. Going through their Twitter thread you see couple things: people are really sad they can’t find any, and other people stocked up like it’s the Apocalypse.

You might recall a recent post touching on the aluminum can shortage making it more difficult to also find your favorite beer. Not good news.

In Pep’s case, they have a ton of demand, but not enough inventory so many parts of the country simply have no product to sell.

Remember when everyone was freaking out over toilet paper?

Charmin weighs in…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock