Maryland Family Has Beer Drinkin’, Cigar Smokin’, Peanut Butter Sandwich Eatin’ Picnic With A Black Bear

Ummmmm, that’s gonna be a big NOPE from me.

I love bears. I think they’re incredible animals, majestic beasts of woods, the kings of the forest, and even still… there ain’t no way I’m fixin’ a PB&J to feed one when he tries to pop a squat at my picnic table. I’ve seen The Revenant, I know what these things are capable of…

But that’s exactly what this group of Maryland folks did.

The bear wandered over to their table and rather than trying to scare him off, or slowly making their way back to the house, they pulled out their phones, took some selfies, and one brave (and/or stupid) soul, decided to fix him a peanut butter sandwich. But before he did, he gave him a stern finger in the face as if to say, “wait right there while I make this sandwich.” The shirtless guy even tried to pet him on the nose.

Balls of steel…

According to New York Post, the owner of the property says that the bear is a “regular who never bothers anybody,” and as much as they look pretty calm and collected, the person behind the camera admitted to being “scared to death” and stayed back on the deck, while the others “tested their luck.”

But here’s the thing about bears…

Every “friendly” bear is friendly until they’re not friendly anymore. And when they’re not friendly anymore, somebody goes home with half a face.

I mean hey, maybe a few cold Miller Lites and I’d be a little more in the mood to eat lunch with a black bear, but then again, I don’t really want to find out.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock