Drunk Florida Man Tells Random Boy To Take His Mask Off At Restaurant, Gets In His Face, Tells Him “You Now Have Coronavirus”

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Florida gonna Florida.

47-year-old Jason Andrew Copenhaver was charged with “disorderly conduct and simple battery” at Ricky T’s Bar and Grille in Redington Shores after he got in a boy’s face at the restaurant, “spitting particles,” and telling him…

“You now have the coronavirus.”

Some drunk Schlitz breathing asshole whose wife probably just left him is NOT the guy you want breathing into your mouth at a restaurant – FACT.

But, wait, it gets even more Florida.

Prior to the altercation, Jason stumbled up to the boy (police report says minor, but no age given) and asked him to shake his hand. He also asked the kid if he was wearing a mask. Apparently this guy drank himself blind, which is why he needed confirmation of a mask on a face?

Anyway, after the boy refuses to take off his mask or shake the creep’s hand, he grabbed it himself before telling the youngster he now had the ‘Rona. However, it should be noted that he later told cops he didn’t know if he had Covid and had never been tested.

BUT, WAIT, it gets even more Florida.

According to the police report, the drunk then stumbles back to the bar before trying to hit a restaurant employee twice. He also apparently lost his shoes – classic! Staffers held him down outside until police showed up. He was held and released on $650 bond.

Just another day for the Florida Man.

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