Cody Jinks Teases ‘Adobe Sessions Unplugged’ Acoustic Project


It’s happening people.

Cody has been a machine lately. He released his stellar Lifers record in 2018, TWO more killer records back to back this past fall, a demo version of “Fast Lane” and the stand alone single “Watch The World Die” in May.

And on top of all of it, we’ve heard Cody share his intentions for a Live from Red Rocks kind of record AND an acoustic project. However in light of this recent Instagram post, it looks like it’ll be an acoustic Adobe Sessions performance that steps up to the plate first… and quite possibly a record to follow.

“For the first time ever… Adobe Sessions… Unplugged and Behind The Music… Wouldn’t you like to know more… It is going to be bad (fill in the blank)… When? Where to watch? How much? Will it be released on CD / Vinyl / Digital after it airs??? Want to know more? Text: JinksUnplugged to 31996 and/or wait for the next update.”

Cody’s 2015 Adobe Sessions record is heralded by many Jinks fans as the best of his career, and now with this little teaser about releasing it, it’s all but confirmed that we’re going to get an acoustic record in some form, whether it be digitally, CD, vinyl, or all of the above.

Stay tuned…

Get ready.

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A beer bottle on a dock