Cheetos Just Launched Their Own Mac & Cheese Line For Less Than A Dollar A Box


If anything has been a staple of the quarantine diet (other than copious amounts of alcohol), mac and cheese is has to be at the top of the list.

Normally, I’m a Velveeta shells and cheese kinda guy. In fact, I’ll judge you harshly for messin’ with that Kraft fake cheese powder bullshit. Seriously, there are a thousand other options out there and the fact that people still buy that limp noodle garbage is utterly appalling. Outta my face with that trash.

And while nothing can sway me from my fierce loyalty to Velveeta, Cheetos has officially entered the mac and cheese chat.

Hitting Walmart store on August 8th, Cheetos is launching their own mac line featuring a Flamin’ Hot flavor, a standard Bold and Cheesy flavor, and Cheesy Jalapeno t round out the trifecta. And because they’re not idiots like the clowns over at Kraft (although they do use a powder sauce), the went with the curly noodles to hold all that cheesy goodness in there. And here’s the kicker… a box will run you less than a DOLLAR. A DOLLAR.

That’s right people, according to, each box is going to retail for the EXTREMELY reasonable price of just 98 cents.

Send the trucks Cheetos, send the trucks.

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A beer bottle on a dock