Cody Cannon Of Whiskey Myers Delivers Full Throttle Acoustic Performance Of “Mona Lisa”

Man, even when it’s just Cody and Tony performing acoustic, these guys still rock harder than anybody.

If I’m starting a band tomorrow and I can pick anybody in the country music world to handle the lead vocal duties, Cody Cannon has to be on that short list of candidates. That raw passion and energy, the emotion he puts into every note… few in the country/rock world can do what he does.

A while back, Whiskey Myers released a series of acoustic performances including “Houston County Sky,” a cover of “A Country Boy Can Survive” and this one, “Monalisa,” written about Cody’s wife.

“I wrote this one about my wife, she’s out here somewhere.”

Kind makes you think… as much as you love to hear these boys melt faces, a Whiskey Myers acoustic album would be pretty killer too.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock