Nashville Bachelorette Party From Hell Throws Fit & Coughs On Restaurant Manager After Refusing To Follow Coronavirus Restrictions

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This pandemic is really bringing out the worst in everybody, isn’t it?

Bachelorette parties already have a pretty bad reputation here in Nashville. They come into town and get shitty and obnoxious because they think they’re the center of attention, like anybody else actually cares that it’s Hannah’s “last bash in Nash!” And this is definitely not going to do anything to change that reputation.

According to a Facebook post by co-owner Mikey Corona (hell of a last name to have right now, by the way), a group of 10 girls with a bachelorette party went to The Mockingbird in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood for dinner on Friday night. Corona said that the girls “threw a fit” because they couldn’t all sit at one table, and took matters into their own hands by pushing their tables together. When they got called out for being selfish assholes and risking the restaurant getting in trouble with the health department, Corona says that the party stormed out while arguing with other tables who were telling them to put on their masks.

But that’s not the worst of it. Corona alleges that on their way out, one of these overgrown toddlers actually turned and coughed “a few times” on one of the restaurant’s employees. Now obviously this is going far beyond being obnoxious, and is actually criminal, so the restaurant says that they have filed a criminal complaint and is waiting to hear back from the police.

Congrats to the lucky guy that gets to marry one of these girls.

The manager who was coughed on now has to take a COVID test and quarantine before she can come back to work because of some shitty, selfish person who clearly thought the rules shouldn’t apply to them because they were on a bachelorette party.

Listen, I know it sucks to have to change your plans for your bachelor/bachelorette party. But we’re in the middle of a fucking pandemic, and if you can’t handle the slight inconvenience of having to sit at two separate tables for dinner, maybe you shouldn’t be going to restaurants in the first place. Because contrary to popular belief, the virus doesn’t care about your bachelorette party (and honestly neither does anybody else), so the rules still apply to you too.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first story about people behaving badly during this pandemic, and it definitely won’t be the last.

People are selfish and don’t want to have to follow some basic guidelines that will help keep themselves and everybody else safe. But before you go out in public, maybe you should think about the restrictions and whether or not you’re going to comply with them. If you’re not, and your reaction to being told what to do is to cough on somebody who’s just trying to do their job, do us all a favor and just stay home.

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