Most Florida Video Ever: Guy In Underwear Hangs From Semi Hood On Highway While Bleeding and Smashing Window

A person in a truck

This really might be the most Florida video of all time.

Cell phone footage caught the action down in Boynton Beach, where a man in his underwear is seen hanging from a semi-truck hood, smashing the windshield and window while the driver tries to swerve him off.

The guy hanging from the hood was seen walking into traffic and as it slowed jumped onto the semi’s hood – he proceeded to hang on for his life as he bled from the face looking quite comfortable wearing only his socks, underwear and tank top around his neck.

The tuck eventually pulled over and cops arrived to arrest the guy and send him off for a psychiatric evaluation (and probably tested him for bath salts if I had to make a guess).

It’s the Florida Rodeo.

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A beer bottle on a dock