Topo Chico To Finally Launch A Hard Seltzer

Topo Chico

Just when you thought you had enough hard seltzer options, there’s another.

This one makes a bunch of sense, and I’m surprised it took this long.

Let’s start by talking about water – a riveting subject. When I’m hungover I crave something super charged with carbonation. No other soda/seltzer/mineral water does the trick as well as Topo Chico. It’s a must when hungover and has often been a life saver.

Now, they’re taking the logical next step and officially launching a hard seltzer. In case you didn’t know, Coca Cola owns Topo Chico, so there’s going to be a big push behind this.

In a press release Coca Cola said they would share more details closer to a launch date, but did say that Topo Chico water (from Monterrey, Mexico) would be used for the hard seltzer (I would sure hope so) and they pointed out that the water has “been popular with many mixologists” over the years.

More info when it becomes available but expect this to hit shelves in 2021.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock