Flight Attendant Walks In On Cheating Husband, Smashes His Guitar & Gives Him Black Eye

Atta girl.

I can’t speak from experience, but I’m pretty sure walking in on your spouse in bed with another person is probably as bad as it gets.

And for Tampa-area flight attendant Nicole Dension, that’s exactly what happened.

According to New York Post, she walked in on her husband mid-coitus with another woman and understandably so, went apeshit all over his face and then with the finishing move, his guitar.

The police report says her shithead husband was left with a black eye, bruised arm and scratches on his forehead. She also smashed his guitar which left hole in the wall and his acoustic guitar in pieces.

She was arrested and charged with domestic battery. They couple has two kids and apparently, is a fitness instructor/bartender.

Of course he’s a bartender/fitness instructor…

Normally, when I hear about fitness guy getting in in with another man’s wife, I think of this guy…

Yeah, not the case…

Look at this clown.

Good for her.

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