Eric Church To Release New Song “Bad Mother Trucker” TOMORROW

Eric Church with a beard and wearing sunglasses with a microphone in the background
Erika Goldring/Getty Images


Word just came through the wire that Eric Church will be releasing another song from his highly-anticipated new record, which is yet to be named. This new one, called “Bad Mother Trucker,”  is dropping TOMORROW. And as always with Church, his Church Choir fan club members get to hear new music first and according to a number of them, they received this new one today with the following message:

“‘Bad Mother Trucker,’ written by Eric, Casey Beathard, Luke Dick, and Jeremy Spillman combines a contagious groove and a guitar solo begging for the day we can all once gather at a live show.”

I think my pants just got a little tighter…

Here’s a little taste of the chorus:

“She is hell on wheels where the road meets the rubber
A real gear jammer, a white line wonder
Yeah, you only get one and I wouldn’t want another
‘Cause mama was a bad mother trucker.”


Eric also just launched his new 2020 Special Edition Single Barrel Jack Daniel’s and wooooooo weeeeee are they are a sight to behold.

Get one before they’re gone.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock