Miller Lite Drinking American Demonstrates Why You Should Wear A Face Mask… With An Aerosol Flamethrower

There’s a whole mess of “science” out there regarding Coronavirus and whole bunch of “internet doctors” out there who have seemed to figure this entire thing out. And now, even the concept of wearing (or not wearing) a mask has become incredibly politicized.

At this point, there’s a pretty strong consensus among the scientific community that you should be wearing a mask when you go into the store, when you’re going to be interacting with people, and for the most part when you’re out in any public place that has people in close proximity. Nobody likes it, but if it keeps us all safer, it’s the right thing to do.

And yet still, we have Karens going viral at Walmart every other day, saying they can’t breathe, it’s an affront to their American rights, and if you can smell farts through pants then masks don’t work. Seriously, that’s a common argument I’m hearing. How they made that connection, I don’t know…

But now, we have our Miller Lite drinking, American hero Uncle Rob here to demonstrate some science, and it’s actually pretty damn cool and pretty damn convincing.

Uncle Rob got a can of starting fluid to represent a cough, and he sprayed it at a torch from various distances. He tried it with a mask on and with a mask off, and I have the say, the results are pretty crazy. Even at 6 inches away, with the mask on, the torch didn’t ignite.

Uncle Rob then enjoyed an ice cold Miller Lite while he analyzed his findings.

Love the shirt too…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock