First Socially Distanced Manager vs. Ump Argument Was As Awkward As You’d Expect

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It feels soooo damn good to have baseball back.

However, it’s super strange to watch a game and see no fans in the seats – no, those cardboard cutouts don’t count and don’t make things feel normal.

But hey, we do have sports back. So let’s enjoy the hell out of that.

That brings us to the weekend of baseball and our first socially distanced manager vs. ump argument which took place yesterday between Pirates manager Derek Shelton and the home plate ump Jordan Baker.

Shelton came out to argue after Pirates pitcher Derek Holland was ejected from the bench for arguing balls and strikes, and that’s when things got super 2020.

“Hold up, let me get my mask on before you scream how much I suck ass from 6 feet away,” you can almost hear the ump say.

The two kept their distance while exchanging pleasantries in what is the new normal for baseball, and sports.

ps. Go Cubs

Here’s a gem from back in the day to remind us what once was. You won’t see anything like this again for…who knows how long.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock