Eric Church Performs Acoustic “Carolina” For The First Time Ever, Way Back In 2008

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Digging this one up from ol’ Eric Church archives.

Back in 2008, Eric stopped by the studio at KISS 99.9 in Asheville, North Carolina, and debuted a song that would go on to become the title track of his sophomore smash, Carolina.

Filmed by Zack Massey (Luke Combs’ creative director), this was the first time Eric ever played the song acoustically:

“Song for the home state here, this is the title track of the new record ‘Carolina.’ First time I’ve ever done it acoustic so we’ll see what happens here… there’s a nice yodel part you’re gonna love.”

“Carolina” was never actually a single, although sometimes it feels like one of the most memorable songs from the album. But for my money, it’s one of the best songs in his entire catalog. And I’m not even from North Carolina…

Not bad for the first time, eh?

That moment you're looking for something on an old hard drive, and find lost footage you shot of Eric Church with Eddie Foxx at 99.9 Kiss Country playing "Carolina" acoustic for the first time ever, back in 2008.

Posted by Zack Massey on Monday, July 24, 2017

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