Willie Nelson Says He Got Too High To Sing One Time, Performs “I Never Cared For You” With His Sons

An American treasure.

The living legend himself, the great Willie Nelson, was joined by his sons Lukas and Micah on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for a performance of “I Never Cared For You.”

Written by Willie himself all the way back in 1964, “I Never Cared For You” was originally released as a b-side on “You Left Me (A long Time Ago),” but it was also included on a number albums including Me & PaulA Horse Called MusicTeatro and December Day.

Good stuff.

Comedian George Lopez filled in for Jimmy last night, and although they covered a number of topics, you know they had to talk a bit about marijuana. Willie admitted that one time he got so high he walked on stage and then walked right back off, too high to perform.

They also talked about having homes in Hawaii, Willie’s love of cannabis, Merle Haggard, his 70th studio album “First Rose of Spring,” and performing with his sons.

Watch the full interview below:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock