Luke Combs’ New Bootlegger Crocs Sell Out Instantly – Now On eBay For As Much As $175 Bucks

A good old fashioned economics lesson courtesy of Luke Combs and Crocs.

Generally speaking, when supply is low and demand is high, the price goes up… and Luke’s new Crocs are going WAY up.

Luke Combs dropped his latest collaboration with Crocs (the new Bootlegger Slides) yesterday, and even though the quantity was limited to one per person, they sold almost instantly. I have the camo clogs (thanks Luke) and they’re pretty awesome, so believe me I get the hype.

And at $40 bucks a pair, we’re talking a pair of sandals that are pretty affordable for the average consumer, but now that they’re popping up all over eBay, we’re seeing them go for as much as $175 bucks.

I mean, look at these prices.

Pretty insane, huh?

If you got some, good on you.

If you didn’t, well… you’re going to have to pony up some serious cash to get a pair.

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