Floating Drive-In Movie Theaters Coming To America This September

I dig this new experience coming to America: the drive-in or “floating” cinema.

While I like this idea for movies, I love this idea for concerts.

Just picture watching Alan Jackson from your boat with friends, beer, whiskey and the sun shining. Nice and socially distanced. Nice and sloshed.

For now, we’re talking movies, however.

Australian production company, Beyond Cinema, is bringing their “Floating Cinema” to the states with cities like Chicago, Orlando, Miami, San Diego, and San Francisco all getting to try it out first.

Chicago will run its “theater” September 9-13, but they haven’t said exactly where.

There will be 12-24 boats allowed most times, with up to eight people per boat. According to Fox32 in Chicago, “the deal includes free popcorn for all attendees with the option to purchase additional movie snacks and drinks prior to setting sail.”

The concept first took off in Paris – here’s what it looks like.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock