Matthew McConaughey Once Told A Girl He Made Custom Boots For George Strait: “We Got Lucky That Night, Thank You George”

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Oh, to be young, dumb and completely full of it.

If you remember Kenny Chesney’s “Out Last Night,” there’s a line in there that goes a little something like this:

“I was a doctor, a lawyer, a senator’s son, Brad Pitt’s brother, and a man on the run, anything I thought would get the job done.”

We’ve probably have all been guilty of stretching the truth a time or two to impress somebody at a bar… and let’s be honest, “I sell insurance” or “I’m an office assistant at a small corporate tax firm” isn’t exactly going to have people lining up outside your bedroom door.

We’ve all done it… even the great Matthew McConaughey way way back in 1987.

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And back in 1987, McConaughey and his brother met a couple ladies at a Dwight Yoakam concert, and when they asked the McConaughey brothers what they do for a living, they said without hesitation:

“We have an exclusive contract with George Strait, we custom make his boots.”

Naturally, the ladies wanted to see those boots, and needless to say… they, as McConaughey put it, obliged. 

“We got lucky that night, thank you George.”

Even Carrie Underwood, who took home took home ACM Entertainer of the Year award that night, wanted to see those boots…

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