Marine Goes On Hilarious Rant Calling Out Those That Refuse To Wear A Mask

Look, I don’t want to turn this into political argument (I hate politics), and I don’t even know how wearing a mask became such a point of political contention in the middle of global pandemic, but here we are…

I don’t like wearing them either, nobody does, but most stores won’t let you in without one these days and that’s just the reality of a situation. After all, the mild inconvenience of wearing one for 5 minutes while you pick up a loaf of bread is a prime example of the “better safe than sorry” logic.

Nevertheless, people still continue to bitch and moan about wearing them, and every day, a new “Karen” is going viral for throwing a fit for cussing out the cashier at Walmart. Now, if that’s you, first of all: don’t be a dummy, but also, I have a message from Timmy.

Timmy is Marine who just got back from being deployed overseas and he has a few words for those that think wearing masks are so terrible, and an affront to their American freedoms.

The Japan thing killed me…

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