Restaurant Can Only Sell Beer If Food Is Ordered, So They Sell One Cheese Puff Ball For 5 Cents

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Well, people and businesses are getting creative AF during the pandemic.

A recent upload to Reddit showing a restaurant’s “Here for a Beer” Menu has gone viral for its workaround during Covid-19.

According to the uploader, TusBus67, the restaurant, which he left nameless, is located in Pennsylvania.

Given the local restrictions, the restaurant is only allowed to serve beer if someone orders food, so the owners of the establishment literally serve ONE cheese puff ball for 5 cents. This then accounts for a food order, and the customer can then order a beer(s).

Or you can get a deep fried pickle for $1.

Or ONE onion ring for 50 cents (steep).

Or 1/4 The Fries for $1 (25% of the normal basket appears to be a dig at their capacity limit).

They also end the menu by saying they only used a quarter sheet of paper (another dig at the capacity limit).

It’s becoming impossible to keep up with all the varying situations and restrictions in cities across the country, as we wrote about today with Nashville and Broadway being packed. I guess it’s all the new normal, for now at least…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven
A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock