Woman Pees On Floor Of Verizon Store After She Was Asked To Leave For Refusing To Wear Mask

No shoes, no mask… BIG problem.

According to CBS 13, a California woman was arrested after she decided to take an angry leak on the floor of her local Verizon store.

The lady, who was accompanied by a two others, was told to leave the store after she refused to wear a mask, and rather than going quietly like a normal person, she decided to drop trou, pop a squat, and piss all over the sales floor.

Yup, the Karens have graduated from cussing out and coughing in the face of the staff, to full-on pissing all over the place.


And look, you got a boss that demeans and berates you? Go ahead and quit that job and piss right on their desk before you leave. I’ve kind of always wanted to do that, but I don’t have a boss… or a shitty job.

Your neighbor is an asshole and his dog keeps shitting in your yard? Go ahead and take a leak in his yard when he isn’t looking. Works wonders for the grass…

But to piss on the floor of a cell phone store because you won’t wear a mask during a global pandemic? That’s just a new kind of low…

Oh, and here’s a fun fact…

When police were called about the pissing, she was arrested when officers found some stolen items from Dick’s Sporting Goods in her car. She sounds like a real gem…

What a time to be alive, eh?

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