Florida Man Pulls Gun In Walmart After Shopper Asks Him To Put On A Mask

Anytime you mix Florida Man + Walmart, you’re asking for trouble.

According to NBC Miami, a Florida man pulled a gun on another Walmart shopper over some kind of mask dispute. Security showed the man pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair when another customer approached him, presumably to inquire about why he wasn’t wearing a mask.

He gave him the ol’ one finger salute and then stuck a gun in his face.

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Of course, Walmart just announced yesterday that all stores will require masks for entry so I can only imagine what kind of crazy Walmart fights are going to start emerging on the interwebs. In fact, I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Chuckin’ knucks in the shampoo aisle? I’m all for it. But pulling guns on people after refusing to wear a mask in a global pandemic? There’s no place for that kinda shit right now. Thankfully, Palm Beach County police have already identified the man.

What is the world coming to? Can’t even go to Walmart without getting a gun in your face.

In the words of Eric Church, the world needs a drink…

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