Luke Combs Records “Greystone Chapel” From Johnny Cash’s Iconic ‘At Folsom Prison’ Record

I’m not quite sure how this never got the attention it deserved.

For his Apple Music exclusive EP last year, Luke Combs was joined by Drew Parker and Ray Fulcher to re-cut a few of their hits with the help Nashville producer Chip Matthews.

But the shining star of the project was a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Greystone Chapel,” famously recorded during Johnny’s 1968 concert at Folsom State Prison in Folsom, California.

“Greystone Chapel” was written by a man named Glen Sherley, who was an inmate in prison at the time. When Johnny heard the song the night before he was set to perform (thanks to a minister), he knew he just had to perform it. And as it turns out, Sherley was sitting in the front row (once again, thanks to the minister) the next day when Johnny performed (and recorded) it.

Luke Combs recording a cover of the great Johnny Cash, who was himself covering and recording a song by a convict at Folsom State Prison. Pretty cool how songs work that way, huh? If they’re good, they live on forever… if they’re not, they get played on country radio (ZING). Ok, ok, I’m kidding… but it kind of feels like that lately, doesn’t it?

Either way, Luke knocked this one out of the park.

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