Chris Stapleton’s Freestyle Introduction Of Morgane & His Band Is A Thing Of Beauty

Rich Fury/Getty Images

I’m telling you, introducing your band is a lost art.

Not sure how many artists still even do it these days, especially in mainstream country music, but it’s a pretty cool part of the show in my humble opinion. It nothing else, it’s a sign of respect for the folks that back you every night, but if you want to (and you’re able), you can make it an entertaining introduction to a song.

Tyler Childers immediately comes to mind when I think of artists that crush this, but Chris Stapleton is another that absolutely kills it.

Before Chris gets into his hit song “Tennessee Whiskey,” Chris takes the opportunity to introduce the band, including his wife Morgane, and while I’m not entirely sure how much of this is straight off the dome every night, having seen it myself a few times, it’s always a little been a bit different.

As one of the best acts in the business, one of the best songwriters in the business, probably the best vocalist in the business and definitely the best at introducing his band… Chris Stapleton is surely in a league of his own.

Take notes country music.

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