This 1983 Charlie Daniels Skoal At The Airport Commercial Is A Sight To Behold

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We lost a legend in Charlie Daniels just over a week ago.

We’ve done some deep internet digging to find you some gems from decades past, which brought me to this 1983 Skoal commercial Charlie did.

Man, have the times changed.

I’ll be honest, I only dipped when I drank too much in college. Usually that would result in complete body failure, and my legs would stop working, my night would be over, and I’d accidentally swallow some of the tobacco juice, triggering an untimely yack.

Good times, for sure. You gotta miss it.

Obviously these days we know the dangers of cigarettes and chewing tobacco, but in 1983 it was promoted like crazy, with commercials like this.

The one and only Charlie Daniels at the airport, getting ready to board, before dropping a big ol’ dip in.

A reminder of how different the times were, he’s asked if he prefers “smoking or non-smoking” for his flight (yes, you could smoke on planes back in the day, which was before my time).

Then, Charlie shows her the tin and a big grin, before saying..

“Smokeless, darlin’.”


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock