Jana Kramer Shares Candid Photo Crying In A Dark Room: “This Is Motherhood”

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Jana Kramer is just having one of those days today.

One of those days where you’re burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, sad, and no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to be going right? We’ve all been there.

The country singer/actress shared an extremely candid photo of herself crying the in a dark room. According to the post, her son Jace is having a tough time falling asleep and it’s been EXTREMELY difficult for her.

She shared the following to Instagram, asking fellow mommas to lend some support.

“This is motherhood. Exhausted, heart strings breaking and crying in a dark room just wanting their baby to fall asleep because you’re exhausted too . I have never heard these kinds of screams from Jace and it’s literally BREAKING my heart. Apparently it’s the 18-21 sleep regression. (I had his ears checked and all are good now). His molars all 4 are coming in. And he throws his lovey and wubs out of the crib. I used to go back in to give him but then it became this game. I’ve been told not to go back in to give it to him but hearing him so upset, well has me like this. Please please mommas tell me it’ll be better soon?! And any tips?!? Also I only share this because I need the mom support.”

Hopefully Jace gets to sleep soon… I’m thinking there might be a nice glass of wine with Momma Kramer’s name on it as soon as he does.

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