Blake Shelton Announces Pre-Recorded Drive-Concert With Gwen Stefani & Trace Adkins For $115 Bucks

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Welp, I guess this is the new norm…

Blake is following in the footsteps of Garth Brooks and will be selling tickets to a pre-recorded drive-in show with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani and his good buddy Trace Adkins on July 25th. Fans can attend at various drive-in theaters across the United States and Canada.

“This is such a great way to enjoy music with your family and friends and stay safe,” said Blake. “I’m excited we’re getting the chance to perform a concert for fans and we’re going to go back and play old hits like ‘Austin,’ newer songs like ‘God’s Country’ and we might even introduce something brand new! So fill up those popcorn tubs and get ready for some country music!”

Like Garth’s show (it’s produced by the same people), it will be completely pre-recorded and feature some exclusive interviews and stories. The price of admission is $115 per vehicle, limited to the number of seatbelts in the car.

$115 to watch a Blake concert on the screen and listen through your shitty FM radio? Seems pretty steep. But hey, to each their own. Garth brought out over 300,000 for it and I’m sure Blake will have a big turnout as well.

Tickets will go on sale July 14th and more artists and shows are expected to be announced soon.

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