Jake Owen Performs Unreleased “Things I Take For Granted” And The Fans Are Begging For Him To Release It

A man playing a guitar

Sounds like Jake has a hit on his hands.

“New tune written with my friends Tommy Cecil and Dallas Davidson. Thank y’all for the response the other night. Here’s a full garage version for ya.”

Titled “Things I Take For Granted,” the new tune is immediately resonating with fans. Here’s just a few of the comments, but pretty much everybody (including Karen Fairchild) agrees… it’s a damn good country song:

“Please release this one!”

“Holy shit! Love it. This needs to be released.”

“I love this one so much!!!! Please release it!! Love the hair!”

“That brings tears to my eyes, such a beautiful song and so true.”

You heard ’em Jake… get in the studio and give the good people what they want.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock