Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” Is A Hopeful Reminder In These Tough Times

Matt Berinato

Chris Young is back with a brand new tune from his upcoming album, one that’s been in the works for a quite a while.

Titled “If That Ain’t God,” the new single is a hopeful reminder that, even in the hard times like these, the man upstairs is still looking down on us. It’s a call to remember all the little miracles that happen to you, the things you might forget about in the midst of the chaos of the world right now.

“If that ain’t God, if that ain’t Him
If that ain’t the man upstairs somewhere looking down on us again
Don’t it make you wanna pray, don’t it make you wanna live
Oh, if that ain’t God, if that ain’t God, I don’t know what is.” 

Written by Young, Matt Roy, Mitchell Oglesby, and Greylan James, the first verse hit especially hard for Chris whose father beat lung cancer in 2009.

“The first verse of the song talks about walking down, getting a cup of coffee and seeing a good story on the news about somebody beating cancer,” he tells PEOPLE. “And I’ve experienced that in my family with my dad. He lost a part of one of his lungs and came back and you’d never know if you saw him today that he went through all that. I’m still lucky to have my dad around … and not taking it for granted.”

“If That Ain’t God” joins his most recent single “Drowning,” Town Ain’t Big Enough” featuring Lauren Alaina, and “Raised On Country” as our first taste of his highly-anticipated new record.

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