300 Texas Teenagers Were Exposed To Coronavirus At “Pong Fest”

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Pong Fest? During a global pandemic? WTF people…

With Texas seeing a surge in Coronavirus cases lately, it’s dipshit behavior like this that’s to blame.

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, 300 high school kids threw some kind of “Pong Fest” party near Lakeway, Texas, this past weekend, and now officials are fearful that they all have been exposed to Coronavirus.

“The city is trying to get a handle on who attended, and the numbers are so big, contact tracing everyone is not possible,” says Lakeway Mayor Susan Cox. “Hopefully we can contain this. The worst thing that can happen is that we don’t contain this.”

Several of the teens were awaiting test results, went to the party, and then got positive results after the party. Officials believe that hundreds are now infected.

How fucking dumb can you possibly be?

This is why we can’t have nice things… like bars and restaurants and JOBS…

Get your shit together Texas.

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