Wild Brawl In Arkansas Steakhouse Features Bottle Breaking Over Heads, A USA Jersey, And It’s All Over Social Distancing

Things are GOING GREAT out there.

Let’s take a break from the social distancing conversation at country concerts, and check in on the restaurant industry, shall we?

A video from the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas shows an insane melee busting out after a masked customer asks fellow patrons to move because they are too close. According to KARK, the police report says “an employee with Saltgrass Steak House saw the woman wearing the mask in the video tell two others that they were sitting too close. The employee also says that the same woman was purposely coughing on other customers.”

Then, the softball coach looking guy built like a bowling ball wearing a USA baseball jersey walks up, and you know shit it about to get worse.

“Both the report and witnesses indicate the man wearing the U-S-A shirt got even closer, further escalating the situation.”

And escalate it he did.

Apparently he gave the boyfriend of the masked woman a little shove in the back, only to get cracked with a lightning fast bottle over the head (not sure it fully connected), and all hell broke loose.

Watch it go down.

No charges were filed, and it appears nobody was seriously hurt.

Yay summer!

Here was the news report on it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock