Two Hillbilly Moms Trade Blows In The Shampoo Aisle Of Walmart… Tells Kid To “Punch Her In The F*cking Face”

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned white trash bash at the local Walmart.

This video is a few years old but it’s just too good not to bring back into circulation. Now, my first instinct (and usually the correct one) is that this exchange has to be coming to us from the great state of Florida, but in fact, we’re in Indiana. Shocker I know… but if one thing for certain, the Midwest has more than it’s fair share of white trash hillbillies. (Trust me, I hail from rural Illinois and we had a ton in the family).

Anyways, let’s get into the fight recap.

We’re not really sure how this one got underway, or what sparked the haymaker fest, but we do know one of the women is riding around on a motorized scooter and the other has a child with her. Isn’t that just the trifecta of mom brawls? Walmart, scooter (that you don’t seem to need) and the frightened kid on the sidelines.

The ladies start chucking knucks are we’re off. Scooter lady seems to be more than mobile, although she gives her back up way too easily. Have you never seen a UFC fight? BIG mistake.

Once mom has back control, she lends a few encouraging words to her son Johnny (“Johnny punch her in her fucking face”) and junior gets into the mix too. With his little 6-year-old fists and feet, Johnny starts throwing a few licks in and even grabs a few shampoo bottle to start hitting scooter lady.

A crowd of onlookers starts to gather, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to get involved in this tilt. Even the guy filming wants no part of it. He does however provide some excellent color commentary.

“This is white trash at its finest.”

Hard to argue with that one…

Both women eventually pleaded guilty to their respective charges.

Here’s Part II

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