Chris Janson Blocks Maren Morris On Twitter Over Playing Shows, Then Backtracks: “I Love You & Your Husband”

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I’m sure you’re well-aware that Chris Janson and Chase Rice ARE HEARING IT for playing shows this weekend.

As videos from the shows surfaced, many big names, such as Jason Isbell, have torched the “country stars” for putting people at risk.

One of the more random/funny moments came when Chris Janson went on a blocking spree as people called him out.

He even blocked Maren Morris.

It likely started when Maren retweeted this tweet:

Which seems to have prompted Janson to block her…

He then backtracked with his tail between his legs, saying:

“Omg!! I have no idea. Love you & your husband.Definitely was a mistake”

LOL – huh.

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