Unathletic Dads In Cargo Shorts Start Massive Brawl At Tennessee Softball Tournament

Baseball is officially BACK and there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned dad brawl to get you ready for the start of the season.

This one comes to us from Kingsport, Tennessee, however according to WJHL, the two teams involved came from North Carolina.

The girls are crying, the moms are screaming, the dads are throwing punches, one bozo sneaks in a kick to another man who was already down… it’s pure chaos.

It appears as though an argument broke out over a call on the field and after that, it wasn’t long before the insanity took over.

A bunch of grown-ass, unathletic and out of shape dads in cargo shorts chuckin’ knucks royal rumble style.

You gotta love it.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock