Will Ferrell Says ‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Is “Being Written”

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Wedding Crashers is an all-time comedy, and one of the best movies to watch on Sundays hungover (thank you TNT and TBS and Netflix and HBO and every other channel and platform this movie gets played on). Why ruin it? Remember what happened when they tried that with Hangover?


In a recent interview with E! News about his new Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga with Rachel McAdams, Will Ferrell was asked about a potential Wedding Crashers sequel…

“Wedding Crashers 2, yeah. I think we can just say it’s being written”

Am I excited? Yes. Am I confident they can recreate the magic from the first movie? No. Is Chazz Reinhold a legend? Yes. Please, don’t fuck this sequel up.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: The Story Of Fire Saga comes out on Netflix Friday, June 26.

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A beer bottle on a dock