White Claw Aperol Spritz Will Be Your New Favorite Way To Get Drunk This Summer

A group of drinks and a bottle

One of the hottest cocktails of the summer? The Aperol Spritz.

A popular happy hour drink overseas, it’s finally made its way to America, so much so that lately I can’t even find Aperol on the shelf. The recipe is simple mixture of Aperol, prosecco and soda water, garnish with an orange and bingo bango, you’re looking at an easy to drink, refreshing as all hell summer cocktail.

Is it as good as an ice cold Busch Light? Hell no, but it’s still good…

What happens when you run out of soda water or you run out of Prosecco? Swap in a White Claw. In fact, it’s easier, stronger, and might even taste better.

Here’s what to do:

-Mix equal parts Tangerine White Claw and Aperol
-Serve over ice
-Garnish with an orange slice (completely unnecessary, but it looks nice)

You’re welcome.

This guy gets it…


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock