“Alfalfa” Actor From ‘Little Rascals’ Arrested For Huffing Air Duster Cans In Texas

Bug Hall with a beard and mustache
Weatherford Police Department

Actor Bug Hall, best known for playing “Alfalfa” in the 1994 version of The Little Rascals, has been arrested in Texas for huffing air duster cans.

Yes, you read that right.

An air duster is that thing you’re supposed to use to clean your keyboard, in case you didn’t know. Not everyone uses it to keep their work station tidy – many folks desperate to get high willingly liquefy their brain by huffing the stuff.

(Dangerous. Bad. Don’t do it.)

According to TMZ, a family member grew concerned with Hall’s well-being and called the police in Weatherford, TX. When cops arrived to his hotel room, there were air duster cans all over the place.

After admitting he was indeed ingesting all those cans, cops broke up the depressing one-man hotel party and arrested him on “misdemeanor possession for use to inhale or ingest a volatile chemical.”

“Alfalfa,” now a 35-year-old, was released Sunday on a $1,500 bond.

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